Work & Communications Counseling

Are you struggling with how to communicate with someone about a difficult issue without getting into an argument? Are you unsure of how to communicate with someone at your workplace without jeopardizing your career?

I can guide and coach you in problem-solving and practicing new ways to get your point across. We can work together on minimizing the chances of the other person feeling offended or becoming defensive. At the same time, we can maximize the chances of you getting what you want out of an interaction in a non-manipulative way.

Please call me at 415-405-6186 or email me at to make an appointment, or to set up a 25 minute Phone Consultation at no charge.

Sonoma therapist Diane DuBois
Sonoma Therapist Diane DuBois
30 minute — 4 hour sessions
Saturday Sessions
Phone, FaceTime and Skype Sessions
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Call me at 415-405-6186 or email for a 25 minute phone consultation at no charge, or to make an appointment.
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