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Individual Therapy in Sonoma

My clients often comment on how comfortable they feel with me.

This is true with clients who tell me they've never been in individual or couple's therapy and are nervous, and even with people who say "I don't believe in therapy."

My style is non-judgemental and accepting.

I will work collaboratively with you and can offer guidance or let you guide the flow of our sessions.  I do that in a way that is supportive and easy to hear.

I have been in practice for over 20 years, and am very versatile in my therapeutic style. We can do short-term, solution-focused therapy or we can work on healing issues from your past.  Short term therapy helps you with whatever present-day issues you'd like to change now.

If you are wanting to work on   issues from your past, I practice a deeper therapeutic approach where together we work on healing difficult or traumatic issues from childhood or past relationships.  I can help you in a safe, calm and supportive way.

We will work on problems together. I will not go faster than you want to go, or delve into subjects before you feel comfortable with them. If you feel ready, we can look at issues that might initially   seem insurmountable or frightening in order to transform those issues and dissolve fears. You may be surprised to find new, simpler, ways of being in the world and viewing your past.

I believe that everything about you makes sense. Together, we can figure out how your life decisions makes sense, even if you cannot yet imagine how that could be true.  I also believe that there is nothing inherently wrong with you, and this philosophy guides me at all times. You deserve a good life where you feel at home in the world. You deserve to feel authentic, loved, and connected to the world. You belong.

I will help you set clear goals during the very first session so that we can resolve your problems more quickly.  You determine your goal(s) for the therapy, not me. You will determine how long the therapy lasts, not me. I have seen people who got what they wanted after two sessions, and I have clients who want an ongoing therapeutic relationship whom I've worked with for many years. However you choose to use the sessions,we will regularly assess and track your goals to ensure we are working on what you want.

Please call me at 707-326-5760 or email me at to make an appointment, or to set up a 15 minute Phone Consultation at no charge.

Sonoma therapist Diane DuBois
Sonoma Therapist Diane DuBois

Therapy Options:

  • 30 minute — 3 hour psychotherapy sessions
  • In-Person, Phone, FaceTime and Zoom Sessions

"Diane is gifted at getting to the essence of issues and designing miraculous interventions. I highly recommend her."
~ Marcia Ruben, Ph.D.


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