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Diane's Stress Reduction Tips

  • Do a relaxation exercise.
  • Straighten your posture.
  • Pause and focus on being more conscious.
  • Breathe; be aware of your tension level and see if you can release it.
  • Say to yourself, "be here" (Or whatever helps you to "be" fully present in the moment!).
  • Laugh at yourself when you see you’re rushing about unnecessarily.
  • Set aside "boundary time" -- sacred time for you, alone and with your loved ones.
  • Morning meditation/ prayer/ stretching time.
  • Notice your "inbetween times" –- your walk from car to work, waiting in line -- focus on your breath, or something else that keeps you calm.
  • If you have a young child, allow your child to establish the rhythm of a few hours, or even the whole day -- most younger kids haven’t succumbed to the culture’s expectations of how you’re supposed to "spend" your time.
  • Avoid over scheduling.
  • Consider turning off the t.v. for one whole day -- or a week! And your cell or Smart Phone, etc.
  • Turn off the ringer on your phone for awhile.
  • Get rid of your call waiting feature, unless you decide you really absolutely need it.
  • Find something where you lose your sense of time -- perhaps art, music or poetry.
  • Drive 5 miles an hour slower. Try the speed limit; you'll be amazed at how much calmer you can feel just doing that!
  • For your coffee break, stroll, people watch, or focus on your breathing.
  • Don't wear your watch/check phone or any device all weekend -- symbolic of letting go of your attachment to time, and literally helps you experience time and the world differently.
  • Paradoxically, schedule an unplanned day -- to do what you want, moment to moment.
  • Notice yourself when you’re rushing, or doing two or more things at once -- decide whether or not this is necessary, is this worth the time I'm saving? If the answer is "yes", just try to be aware of your process. By the way, most research says multi-tasking isn't actually efficient. It's often not very relaxing either.
  • *Remember, you may have to learn to tolerate slowness before you can truly enjoy it!
Sonoma therapist Diane DuBois
Sonoma Therapist Diane DuBois

Therapy Options:

  • 30 minute — 3 hour psychotherapy sessions
  • In-Person, Phone, FaceTime and Zoom Sessions