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Communicating in Marriage & Relationships Tips

Making Up

As with all relationships, make up as quickly as possible, as long as you can do that genuinely. If there has been a breakdown in communication and / or connection, you might say "do you want to start fresh?" or "well, the most important thing is that I love you." Sometimes, you may not need more than that to move on and reconnect. Not everything needs to be talked about!

Couples and Appreciation

Make sure you regularly express appreciations of each other. You can even turn this into a ritual and nightly say one or two things you appreciate about your mate. These appreciations can be as simple as "I appreciate that you make the coffee for us every day" or as deep as "I appreciate how loyal you are (giving a specific example). (Giving specific examples highlights your appreciation all the more).

Greetings and Goodbyes for Couples

Treat greetings and goodbyes with respect. Make sure you have a real connection with your partner each time one of you leaves or enters the home. Take a moment to hug or kiss,have eye contact-- in other words, be present with each other, even if it is just for 30 seconds. This honoring of each other may seem small, but all of those small, loving moments add up.

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